Thursday 26 May 2011

Price List - Store in a Cool,Dry Place

I have 18 pieces for sale at Air this week:

1. Hansel - mixed media on graphic print - £1500
2. Hansel and Gretal - as above - £1500
3. Snow White - as above - £1500
4. Babes in the Wood - as above £1500
5. Homo Homini - First edition print - £350
6. Rabbits (Conteur) - First edition print - £350
7. Alice in Wonderland - Pen and acrylic - £2500
8. Little Sister and Little Brother - Pencil and gel pen - £2500
9. Little Pink Riding Hood - gel pen and ink - £2000
10. Gingerbread House - first edition print - £350
11. Alice - mixed media - £500
12. El Nino Solo - as above - £500
13. Alice II - as above - £500
14. Cinderella - as above - £500
15. Storytellers - as above - £500
16. Grandma's House - as above - £500
17. Welcome - pen and acrylic - £1000
18. Dreaming eyes of Wonder - mixed media - £1000

Joseph Gartell @ Air Gallery

Showing alongside me at Air is my brother Joseph:

Joseph Gartell presents his debut show “Menagerie”; an exploration of line and form in the natural world. Joseph is an artist living in London and specialising in figurative work. Joseph likes to closely observe and then rebuild his subject, reinterpreting it with the aim of arriving at something exciting, fresh and new.

His prices for original pen and ink drawings on a vast scale - the largest being his iconic 'Bison' rendered entirely in blue/black biro - start in the region of £6000. Each piece takes months of planning and thousands of hours to apply each layer of penwork. Such is the intensity of line and form that representatives from BIC pens have been to view the exibition twice already this week.

Please view us on the Air Gallery website!

Wednesday 25 May 2011


Phew, we are half way through our exhibition and have generated quite a bit of interest. It has been exhausting but such an amazing experience. We are still here til saturday afternoon so come along and have a look-see! Just want to say a special thank you to vicky and katie, without whom we couldn't have managed! Plus another special thank-you to Sylvia who was thouroughly lovely and made a special effort to come and seek me out to talk about my work. Many thanks.

Monday 23 May 2011

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Yes, we made it!! We are at Air Gallery. Just a few more adjustments to make to the show and a bit of cleaning to do and we will be set to go. Totally exhausting but everything is finally coming together. Will be uploading some pics of our framed artworks during the course of the day.