Tuesday 6 September 2011

Updated c.v. on LondonArt


A freelance Illustrator and Graphic Artist for ten years, Sophie Gartell first studied fine art at Camberwell before graduating with a 2:1 in Illustration from Brighton University in 2001. Sophie's diverse working methods using a wide range of media has made her work popular with a rapidly increasing client base both in Europe and in the United States and Canada. She has designed card and wrap ranges for Roger LaBorde and Woodmansterne; her designs have been licensed for Christmas decorations Stateside; she has been an editorial Illustrator for the Telegraph Magazine and The Evening Standard as well as designing book covers and painting ceramics ranges in London.

 An up-and-coming artist with a quirky yet elegant style, Sophie has exhibited extensively throughout London and the South-East, most recently at the prestigious Air Gallery in the heart of Mayfair. Sophie's highly collectable pieces are strongly influenced by the darker side of childhood with tenderly-applied graphics offset with splashes of neon and motif. A carefully controlled pastel palette is complimented by her love of bold block colour; a characteristic along with strong portraiture work which Sophie is fast becoming recognised for. Her natural ability to manipulate colour and form combined with her sensitive approach to translating human emotion on to a two-dimensional picture plane, results in some exquisitely realised observational illustration. An amalgamation of intricate pencil work, text and figurative imagery, Sophie strives to find a balance between the sensitive and the off-putting, with her highly narrative pieces often punctuated with haunting messages.

Using a combination of drawing, painting, stenciling and print, Sophie creates decorative pieces whilst maintaining a sharp fine-spun quality throughout. She endevours to maintain a sparseness in negotiating space contrasted with areas of intense line work and pattern. Digital photography also plays a strong role in Sophie reaching her artistic conclusion; scratchy line work and typography is added by building up and stripping away layers. A storyteller at heart, Sophie is especially passionate about using pencil and paper, and her artwork is, by turn, original, colourful, delicate, striking and highly personal. Most recently, h
er exhibition work has enabled Sophie to cross over from the commercial world of advertising and design consultation and back into the world of fine art.